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5 NikkiCliffe

I feel like I’m in the good hands with Jonathan! He’s always extremely prepared, on time and available. He enters houses thoughtfully, making sure to observe professional protocols. I will gladly use Jonathan and Green State Realty again if I’m ever in the market for another house.

5 user4309315

We were in a predicament with our joint owned property when the previous purchase and sale agreement wasn’t completed by the then tenants. Our previous agent was no longer in business so we needed help immediately. Jonathan stepped into our situation with sound advice on remedying the situation with the current tenant which allowed us to make the necessary repairs then relist the home which eventually sold even in a declining market. Jonathan deserves as many stars as we can give him for going above and beyond in his duties as our agent.

5 user2636629

I could not be happier with Jonathan’s help in buying our future retirement home. We asked him for help in an area outside his usual territory and he researched everything he needed to know to find us the best home in that area and then walked us through the buying process. We left on vacation the day of our inspection and Johathan took it upon himself to monitor the needed repairs to our new home to insure it would be ready for us when we returned.

5 hweinert

Jonathon is very prompt and attentive. He has been working with us for a number of years. We are looking for a very particular kind of house in a particular neighborhood, and we are very picky! He understands this and is willing to show us homes that meet our requirements. As we are comfortably located, he knows that we are not in a hurry.

He is very honest and capable, and if you choose to work with him, I know you will be confident that he is representing your best interests. Happy house hunting!

5 JamieSanders Fender

Jonathan is one of those rare people that are both very smart and knowlegeable, but also willing to help you in any way possible. I have known Jonathan for about 20 years and has always proven kind, generous and very quick mentally. You may not think kindness and generosity are high on your list for a real estate agent, until you go through the whole home buying process with someone who is not. I feel confident using Jonathan because I know he has MY best interest in mind and will work a good deal for my benefit. Go ahead and try to put on over on him, I dare you.

5 user9664934

My wife found Jonathan through Zillow and I am so glad she did. Jonathan has been so easy and fun to work with. What I appreciate most about him is his honesty and professionalism. I looked to Jonathan for counsel and to help guide us through the home buying experience. He never pressured us to make a decision and not once did he make us feel like we were wasting his time. He was and is always available to meet or talk and was always able to clearly explain complex and technical processes to us. Green State Realty utilizes digital office technology so signing documents can be done from any computer. Jonathan even connected us with a mortgage broker who we have had a fantastic experience with. I can honestly say that Jonathan will be our real estate agent for life.

5 Tanya_Alek

Jonathan did an amazing job. He went above and beyond what any realtor would do. He made sure we got the best possible deal and was honest if a house was not worth it or would require a lot of repairs. He had great clear communication skills using modern technology and awesome online cites where we could rate houses/listings etc. it was a great experience. he also recommended us to other great people who were able to help us with the loan. When we finally found a house he was staying in contact with us all day everyday until it was finalized. And he even got us amazing house warming gifts. He is very thoughtful and really listens to what you want and need. He gifted us exactly what we needed to start taking care of our home and yard. I would recommend Jonathan to all my friends and family

5 user4704795

I recently bought a house and the experience couldn’t have been better. Jonathan worked harder that I ever would have expected someone to. Houses that I was interested in were selling very fast so it was hard to be patient and take my time. The instant a house that I was interested would go up for sale I would call Jonathan to see if we could go look at it and he always went out of his way to help.

Each time we went out to look at multiple houses he would have all of the information on every house ready. Every time I had a question about something he contacted the seller or the selling agent about it without me even asking. He was honest about his concerns with houses and it was obvious that he cared about getting me the right house at a fair deal. Never once did I feel like he was just trying to make a sale.

When it came time to making an offer Jonathan was in contact with me, helping me, and guiding me through every step of the way. He recommended Kiel Mortgage to me and I chose to go with them. I couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable experience in buying a house. Both Jonathan and Laura Kiel stayed in contact with me and updated me constantly. Any time I had a question or contacted them they would get back to me immediately.

Jonathan also helped get me a much lower price on the house. He worked with the seller and we came to a deal that worked very well for all of us.

Everything throughout the process was great thanks to Jonathan and Laura.

5 user9220708

I could not have been happier with the experience we had with Jonathan. This was our first experience with a realtor and our first home, and we completely lucked out. Jonathan was very easy to work with, very accomodating, extremely knowledgable, and professional, yet relaxed and easy going.

Because I have two small children and no minimal childcare options, he often came to us which made the process much less stressful. He set us up with a great real estate site, had us pick our favorites, and then he would set up the appointments and map them out, and take several hours touring with us. He was so nice and personable that I felt as if I was house hunting with a very informed friend rather than a realtor. I never felt pressured, like he was trying to sell us the house. He was thoughtful and honest and made sure that we were going to get the house that worked best for us. I truly felt that he had our best interests at heart.

He was very easily accessible too, which turned out to be amazing because he was able to meet me at the house we ended up purchasing right away, as it came on the market. And most importantly, he knows the market. Our house went through a slight bidding war as it was priced low and there were so many buyers and such little inventory at this particular time. He advised us every step of the way and we won the bid even though we didn’t have the highest bid. He knows the process and what the seller’s are thinking, but he is fair, honest, and straightforward. While I hope we won’t be needing a realtor in the near future, I am certain he will be the one I call for help. And I will be personally recommending him to friends and family as well as to anyone reading this review!

5 AnouarC1

I could not be happier with Jonathan’s great service, I have received awesome assistance whenever I needed help with my home search, he was always there to response quick and to offer his knowledge and experience in making the right decision. Thank you Johnathan, I always felt I had someone working with who cares about my best interest.

5 wick912yukon

He handled the sale of my Aunts Estate. He was very thorough on each step of the process. Unlike a lot of realtors he did not try to low ball the sales price of the House. In fact, he suggested a higher price to list than what I suggested. Prior to setting the price, we went and looked at about 10 houses that were comparable to my Aunts house. That gave me a good feel for what the competition was asking. Because her house was in such good shape we were able to set the price at the high end of the range. After seeing the competition, I thought our initial price was high, I did not expect any offers, and was ready to lower the price to attract interest.

Because the house, was in such good shape we got three offers higher than our initial asking price within 3 days of listing.

He carefully determined what day of the week we should list in order to get the maximum interest as soon as possible. He provided recommendations on what to do to get the house ready for sale. I followed over 90% of those recommendations and was able to sale the house for 7K above the buyer’s appraisal. He went beyond the call of duty in making the house perfect for showing.

5 user8564429

Jonathan represented the seller and I represented the buyer as a loan officer. I was very impressed with Jonathan’s skills and expertise managing multiple offers with escalation clauses. He knew his market and was prepared with data for the appraiser to support value. It was truly a team approach with conference calls with the seller, open communication with the buyer’s agent and fair price negotiation resulting in a win-win for all parties. I was very impressed with Jonathan’s knowledge, skills and professionalism. I look forward to working with Jonathan again.

5 jlswoody

We used Jonathan to help us sell our home in Edmonds last spring. He was so helpful and patient during the process. If you’ve ever sold a home before, you know there is a LOT of work involved to get that thing ready to sell. Jonathan was very helpful in guiding us through deciding what to fix/update/ clean,and what not to spend our time and money on. He was thoroughly knowledgeable about the current and local market to help us find the correct sale price (we sold it very close to what we listed it for) and what our likely customer would be (helping with both how to stage, what to price it at and how likely we were to get an offer quickly). He was encouraging to a fault and responded quickly to our many questions and concerns. I would give him six stars if I could.

5 ehanson75

Our broker went above and beyond in service and attention to detail. He got us an above-list-price-offer. He also helped us with the physical labor in getting our house ready to sell. We would highly recommend Green State Realty to our friends.

5 alex weinert

Punchline: 12 months later, the house he helped us SELL is at the same value we sold it for; the house he helped us BUY has grown nearly 25% in value. Numbers don’t lie. Jonathan helped us with a looooong search for the “perfect home” for our family. We were (and are) very demanding – we had a very small “box” for the region we wanted to live, and very specific requirements for a house we could make our own. After several years on the hunt, Jonathan showed us the home we ultimately bought in Sunset Hill. Jonathan’s integrity is beyond reproach – he always put “representing the client” above “making the sale,” and did a great job helping us think through whether this was the right property, helping us negotiate the contract, and helping keep the seller on track so the deal closed smoothly and predictably – not always easy with our seller and the climate. Jon also helped us SELL our previous home. He was rigorous in pushing us to get the staging EXACTLY right, finding the right forums to market the home, and, when the time came, queuing up the multiple offers and helping us close the deal in way that left both the buyer and us delighted. After the contract was signed, Jon guided us all the way through the closing process, ensuring everything went exactly right (we actually closed a few days early). Two other quick points – Jon has kept with us after the sale, checking to make sure we remain satisfied and giving us updates on the valuation of our new home; and Jon is a significant philanthropic contributor, both a founder and supporter of non-profits. His integrity is more than “show.” Effective, honest, and thorough. I would not hesitate to use Jon in future transactions.

5 zuser20160602092457056

Jonathan help us sell our home in Pacific last summer as well as purchase a new home. He was very helpful and patient during the process. Jonathan was extremely helpful in guiding us through staging and what not to spend our time and money on. He got us an above-list-price-offer. He also helped us with the physical labor in getting our house ready to sell. We had a very small area for the region we wanted to move to (close to metro bus lines and within the school district) and a somewhat tight window for getting the house (before school started). He was honest about his concerns with houses and it was obvious that he cared more about me getting the right house than him making the sale. Jonathan was very thoughtful and caring throughout the whole process and made sure that we were going to get the house that worked best for us. He really had our best interests at heart.

5 ilikemybubbe32087

I wish I could give him ten stars! I found Jonathan Schoenhals online while looking for homes on Zillow. Honestly, I had tried working with other agents in the past and they just didn’t seem to add any value to my search process. Jonathan was the exact opposite. Others would schedule a viewing of a property I was interested in and by the time we would go look at it, it would be pending. Johnathan is on top of it! He was always so quick to show and write up offers. He is awesome. I am a younger Veteran and was looking for a fixer where I could earn some sweet-equity and rent out a few rooms. In this market, it is hard to find a deal, but Jonathan didn’t give up. We had been looking for over a year, he continued to show me the good in a property and was really good at pointing out the bad that I had missed and overlooked. He must have shown me 15+ homes in a month and we made offers on three . . . each one we lost out to cash buyers who were willing to match our offer. At that point, Jonathan could have pushed me to give up on my VA loan and go with a Conventional loan, but he didn’t. All the way through the process I felt like he had my best interest at heart and when we found the home I purchased, he wrote the offer up that night. We had a deal within four hours. Jonathan kept his cool and negotiated a great price (and overall deal), even in this very competitive market. Even more amazing, we made the offer on 4/5 and I was in my new home on 4/28 w/ a VA loan! This is the guy to get you the best deal, the fastest, and if there is some inspection snags like the inspector missing the photos of the fire alarms in the bedrooms, he is the kind of guy to run out to the property to take the pics and send them to the inspector, saving you four or five days in closing. He is the kind of go get’er that will call the county to bug them about submitting the permits for the property. He is awesome and a really hard worker. He also was the first to give me THREE wonderful house warming gifts! He is truly the best realtor I have every worked with. I work at Boeing and can tell you that Jonathan is a straight shooter. Mechanics and engineers can smell baloney from a mile away and he always was straight with me, even when I didn’t really want to hear it. When we first started working together, I didn’t realize that Jonathan actually owned the company. He was humble and didn’t try to pass me (a first-time home buyer) off on someone down the chain. I couldn’t be happier with my new home and I recommend Jonathan at Green State Realty as a smart, hard-working, honest broker. I could not be happier with Jonathan and his team.

5 BeStil

The first thing we want to say is that Jonathan cares. He worked hard to sell our condo and met with success! We had bought high at the market then the market fell at it’s lowest. As it slowly crept up we decided to sell. Jonathan became our realtor and we will always be grateful. He gave us ideas on how to stage the condo and suggestions on the price. He even went higher than we expected! On top of that, he even came over and helped us out labor wise. He gave 100%+ of his effort. We would highly recommend Jonathan whether selling or buying property. He is experienced and so easy to work with.

5 jthaine

I found out about Jonathan by looking at recently sold units in my condo community. From day one, Jonathan very carefully listened to my needs and concerns. He taught me the ins and outs of selling my type of townhouse, went above and beyond in helping me set up the unit for viewing, putting in his own time to help prepare the unit. Among other things, he provided me with detailed to-do lists that made my job much, much easier. He sent me instructional videos on how I could do certain renovations on my own. When I needed additional professional help, Jonathan either directly recommended, or showed me how to find, professionals that did the job efficiently and for a reasonable price. He prepared an excellent photo collection and video of the townhouse. Jonathan took the photos himself, which among other things made it possible to take some of the photos on one day and finish the photo shoot on another day, which would be difficult to do if hiring an outside photographer. Finally, when the townhouse was listed, we received an offer on the next day. He worked with the prospective buyers and only three days later, I accepted an offer above asking. Finally, Jonathan always kept me up to date during the closing process. It was a pleasure working with Jonathan, and I learned a huge amount in the process. I wish he were available in the state I moved to so I could continue to work with him in the future!

5 ezrider33

My wife and I sold our Condi in bothell last year with Green State Reality. It was the best experience we have ever had with a realtor. Johnathan Schoenhals was amazing and made the process simple. In the past with other reality companies it was always last minute issues and we had to do all of the work, not with Jonathan. In the future, We will not work with any other realtor except with Johnathan.

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