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US Home Sales and Prices – One Chart Speaks Volumes

Author Mike Whitney lives in Washington state. He recently wrote an article comparing home sales (number of homes sold) and their prices across 99 of the top metropolitan markets in the country. The historical analysis is interesting (2012 – 2014) and while we have not experienced the extremes here in King and Snohomish county it is interesting to note the trend generally applies in our local markets as well. So far this year, monthly year-over-year sales (volume) are down, but prices continue to rise (much slower than last year, but a slight increase nonetheless). Some feel this is due to continued low inventory in the King and Snohomish counties. If you would like a copy of the latest local stats, just write me at:

Home Sales and Prices

The article starts:
“As you can see, prices are flatlining or drifting lower while sales are sinking like a stone. That’s the whole ball of wax, isn’t it?

Sure, sales will increase in the spring (as they always do), but judging by the sharp dropoff in last year’s hottest markets, this could be the crappiest spring selling season since the crash.”

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